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This is the submission I made for Ubisoft Toronto's Womxn Develop at Ubisoft 2020 Competition. I made it as a finalist for that year and it was an extremely fun experience!

Knowing nothing about Rainbow Six Siege, I did a lot of gameplay research for this year's prompt on creating a new character that accommodates to a newer audience. I'm always up for learning more with game design!

This was concept art for characters in "When Sorrows Come" for TOJam 2021: Feels Like a Re-run. The idea behind the game was that because it was a fast-paced slice-&-dice, the characters themselves could resemble ninjas.

The names were based off of Shakespeare's Hamlet for a simple reference to the narrative, as it served as inspiration for our own narrative as well.

Below is a scrapped design of Ophelia, following a more elegant design more reminiscent of Shakespeare's play. 

Alternate Ophelia
Character Concept Art
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