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- my game development in a nutshell

"If it makes you laugh, it's good, you know? "


My name is Cindy Vu and I have been a digital artist for 6 years and a game designer for 4 years! Art has always been a strong passion of mine, only to be strengthened by the process of developing video games based on my work!

In 2019, I decided to write a story to humor my friends which eventually became our greatest game series: The Spaceman & The Strategist. Ever since then, there's been 4 different video games of different types with (Spacemen, Strategists)^2 being my latest completed installment.

I enjoy drawing all sorts of things, however my greatest passion falls around Fire Emblem and Smash Bros., as they were where my career as an artist started.

With all these disastrously cool ideas floating around, I do hope that someday these games of mine will inspire someone else to pursue their own career in the gaming industry.

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